December 2017 - Road Trip - Part I - South of the Boarder

December 2017

Mid December, in 2017, my Family and I took a trip to Hilton Head, South Carolina, as an early Christmas together. 

Savannah and Hilton Head hold a special place in my heart. Every summer growing up, we would take a family trip to Hilton Head and stay at the Grande Ocean Marriott Resort. When I was a senior in High School, deciding where to go to school and having no idea at all, I made a last minute decision to go to the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia. Savannah is just across the South Carolina boarder, only 45 minutes away from Hilton Head Island. It was one of the best decisions of my life, and going back always brings back the best memories.

South of the Boarder

First stop, South of the Boarder. The famous roadside attraction on i95, at the boarder of North Carolina and South Carolina, was once a major tourist trap. Now it's a quiet stop on the highway. 


Welcome to Pedro Land


Growing up, we drove down to South Carolina at the end of every summer. My brother and I would have to find ways to entertain ourselves for the 14 hour drive. Our parents put in a portable TV with a VCR so we could watch tapes, which helped pass a little time. But once we hit around the middle of North Carolina, the signs would start. "South of the Boarder 150 miles away!" The signs were endless, and helped pass the time. We would always beg our parents to stop, but we never would. As the years went by, the signs came down, and the once packed roadside attraction turned into the rundown lonely stop along I95.  It's strange to imagine just a couple decades ago these rides were packed with screaming and laughing kids.


Vacant Motels

Famous Road Signs